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Monday, December 17, 2018

Department Heads

‘Department Heads’ are people who are responsible for areas of ministry within the church and assist the Leadership Team in implementing the vision of the church. The Department Heads are people who are in key leadership positions within Oaks Community Church. This group is functional and not positional—people are on the Department Heads because they serve in a leadership position.

Administration: Liz Paull
Alpha Course: Graham Arnold
Cell Leaders:
Steve & Rachael Carrington
Kevin Scott
Jan & Les Hoare
Kate Springett
David & Emma Wilding
Family Time Course: Vacancy
Marriage Course: Vacancy
Marriage Preparation Course: Vacancy
Men’s Ministry: Graham Arnold
Mulled Wine (Singles Group): Annette Burrows
OWL: Chrissie Herron
Prayer Ministry Team: Karen Arnold
Setup Team Leaders: Steve Benjamin
Ken Paull
Pete Springett
Linda Beatty
Shop Manager:
Liz Paull
Social Events: Graham Arnold
Toast: Ben Holcombe
Trustees: Gareth Johnson
Kevin Scott
Women’s Ministry: Kate Springett
Worship Team: Karen Arnold

Oaks Kidz

Gems (Crèche): Eva Byrom
Pebbles (Under 5’s): Jen Holcombe
Ground Breakers (5+): Jen Holcombe
Rock Solid (8+): Jen Holcombe

Oaks Community Church
3 Elm Court
HP21 7NQ
United Kingdom

01296 424880

Our Purpose

‘To know Jesus and
to make Jesus known’

Our Mission

‘To love God,
to love each other,
to love the lost’

Pastor: Graham Arnold

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